Vampire FaceLift


Made popular by Kim Kardashian, the platelet-rich fibrin matrix—or Vampire Facelift®—is a method of using the platelets in your own blood to fill out wrinkles and give your face a more youthful appearance.

The Vampire Facelift® is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that can shave decades off your face in just 15 minutes.


We take a vial’s worth of blood from your arm and spin it in a centrifuge in order to remove the red blood cells. What we’re left with is a yellow serum that is rich with growth factors and platelets. We then use a very tiny needle to inject this serum into your face, just below the skin. This injection will help to stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and collagen in your face, giving your skin a lasting, healthy glow. We couple this injection with cosmetic fillers to help remove wrinkles and add volume to your face, for a natural, more youthful look.

The results take a few weeks to see but can last a year or longer. Click here to see the amazing results.

Our staff is a certified provider for the Vampire FaceLift® procedure.

How The Vampire Facial® Can Benefit You

The Vampire Facial can benefit  if you suffer from any of the following:

  • Acne scarring
  • Skin damaged by the sun
  • Grey, rough or dull skin texture and tone
  • Fine but noticeable lines around the lips
  • Eyes with dark circles
  • Crow’s feet

What is an Vampire Facelift Injection?

A Vampire Facelift is the popular term for using Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for facial cosmetic improvement. Blood is taken from your arm and put into a centrifuge to remove the PRP, which is then injected back into your face.

How long until I see improvements after a Vampire Facelift?

Most clients see results over the course of a 5-6 weeks. Immediately after the PRP injections you will see a slight swelling caused by the procedure, which subsides over the course of a few days.

Does Vampire Facelift contain stem cells?

While there are naturally some stem cells in your plasma, the number is not very significant. More important are the growth factors, which include: PDGF (Platelet Derived Growth Factor), TGF-beta (Transforming Growth Factor Beta), FGF (Fibroblast Growth Factor), IGFs (Insulin-like Growth Factor types 1 and 2), VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor), EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), Interleukins, KGF (Keratinocyte Growth Factor), and connective tissue growth factor.

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